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YETEN Combustion Delivers 3 sets of Refractory Dry-Out Burner Systems

Author: Sarah Holtkamp

YETEN Combustion Delivers 3 sets of Refractory Dry-Out Burner Systems
Compact, User Friendly Design (Source: Yeten)

YETEN Combustion successfully delivered 3 sets of custom made refractory dry-out burner systems to Belgium/Gent for a Blast Furnace. Along with the burners, systems include control cabinets acc. to EN 746 – 2 European combustion safety standards, combustion air fans and integrated gas trains. They will be used to dry-out blast furnace runners (main runner, slag runner and torpedo runner) after the replacement of runner refractory linings.

Custom Designed, Compact Systems

These systems are custom designed acc. to the customer ‘s specific needs as compact, user friendly systems. Components of the systems such as burner body, burner flame tube, combustion air fan, gas train, control cabinet and etc. can be stored inside the transport car. Transport car is coated with hot dip galvanizing against any corrosion.

Integrated Gas & Air Flow Measurement Systems

Gas and air flow rates of the burners can be seen on the display of the 2 channel flow transmitter inside the transport car and on the recorder ‘s display. With this feature, operators can easily follow the system ‘s condition. They can adjust the fuel/air ratio of the burner more precisely with minimum effort.

Control Cabinet Acc. to EN 746 – 2 Safety Standards & Automatic Temperature Control

Control cabinet is designed according to EN 746 – 2 European combustion safety standards and has a safety relay inside. There is a driver inside the cabinet to control the combustion air fan. Driver frequency can be easily adjusted from the driver ‘s display. System works automatically acc. to the given temperature profile. A K type thermocouple is connected to temperature controller which is located on control cabinet. Temperature controller controls the system by precisely adjusting the gas regulating valve to reach necessary temperature. More than 1 temperature profile can be set from temperature controller.

Portable Temperature Recording Units

Along with the dry-out systems, portable temperature recording units with 15 pcs of K Type Thermocouple inputs are provided, so customer can monitor and record temperature changes inside the runners during dry-out. Thermocouple quantities can be arranged acc. to the customer requests. Measured temperatures can be transferred to the main system with Modbus TCP communication protocol.