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Trafilerie San Paolo orders bell annealer facility for steel wire from Ebner

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Trafilerie San Paolo orders bell annealer facility for steel wire from Ebner
A new Ebner bell annealer facility for steel wire in Italy. Photo: Ebner Industrieofenbau

10.08.2021. After detailed technological analysis, Italy’s Trafilerie San Paolo, srl. has selected a Hicon/N2 bell annealer facility for steel wire by Ebner Industrieofenbau.

New facility

The facility will be installed in TSP’s newly-remodeled steel wire plant in Molteno (LC). Initial installation will comprise two Hicon/N2 workbases, one heating bell and one cooling bell, as well as all required peripheral equipment. The scope of supply includes all required supplementary equipment such as hydraulic power supply equipment, a pressure control station, analysing systems, state-of-the-art electrical systems with automation technology and a central visualisation system terminal.

Such proven technology of this bell annealer system enables hot-rolled steel wire with scale, as well as drawn and/or pickled steel wire, to be annealed in nitrogen atmosphere.

During heat treatment, the required flowrates of process atmosphere are automatically and accurately controlled. This ensures that the quality of the material to be annealed is paired with optimised utility consumption.

From September 2021

Hot rolled, scaled, and drawn types of steel wire will be heat treated in this facility from September 2021.


(Source: Ebner Industrieofenbau)