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SSAB: Strong recovery in the first quarter of 2021

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Author: Editorial Office

SSAB: Strong recovery in the first quarter of 2021
In Gällivare, a production plant for fossil-free sponge iron – from feedstock to steel – is being planned. Photo: Hybrit

26.04.2021. SSAB has announced its report for the first quarter 2021. The company’s earnings improved sharply during this period. Demand is strong, prices are increasing and they have taken strategic steps in their transition to a fossil-free steel production. The recovery that started during autumn last year has strengthened during the first quarter. SSAB’s production level has been stable and together with better prices and higher shipments, the result increased by SEK 1.4 billion compared to the fourth quarter of 2020. Operating profit for the first quarter amounted to SEK 1,993 (343) million.

There is strong demand for high-strength steel and SSAB Special Steels maintained a high, stable production rate. Shipments reached a record high SEK 376 (305) thousand tonnes and operating profit increased to a record level of SEK 904 (458) million in the first quarter of 2021. The operating margin increased to 18 % (10%).

SSAB Europe’s result increased to SEK 758 (0) million. Strong demand has resulted in higher shipments and better prices. SSAB America’s result also increased, to SEK 268 (106) million. Better margins contributed positively, whereas shipments were affected by weather-related issues in North America as well as low opening balance of slab inventories.

Measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 continue and production has run without any major impact. Market conditions are favorable and we expect good activity during the second quarter of 2021.

SSAB is leading the green transition in the steel industry and the goal is to be fossil free by latest 2045. We have taken additional steps during the quarter to be world-first with fossil-free steel. Fossil-free steel will not only reduce our own emissions, we can also help our customers to reduce their climate impact, while strengthening their competitiveness. In April, we entered into a strategic collaboration with AB Volvo on the world’s first vehicles to be made of fossil-free steel with shipments for concept vehicles already this year. The great interest in fossil-free steel shown by customers, means that SSAB is exploring how to convert to fossil-free production in Luleå faster than currently planned. The conversion of Oxelösund proceeds according to plan and investments have started.


Together with our partners, LKAB and Vattenfall, we will create something unique for our customers – the most efficient fossil-free value chain in the world. The three companies have together decided that the industrialization of HYBRIT will begin in Gällivare, with the world’s first demonstration plant for fossil-free sponge iron, the feedstock for fossil-free steel. The plant is scheduled for completion in 2026 and capacity will amount to 1.3 million tonnes of fossil-free sponge iron. We are also starting the construction of a hydrogen storage facility outside Luleå to develop the storage technology. Storage will play an important role for future power and energy balancing by, for example, using stored hydrogen gas when the electricity system is under strain. SSAB:s transition is progressing at the highest pace possible and I am convinced that we can further strengthen our leading position.


(Source: SSAB)