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SSAB and Norsk Stål AS start partnership in fossil-free steel

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Author: Thomas Schneidewind

Date: 22. Sep. 2022

SSAB has entered into an agreement with the Norwegian steel distributor Norsk Stål AS, as the first external distributor to deliver fossil-free steel on the Norwegian Market, starting 2026.

“I am happy to welcome Norsk Stål as a fossil-free steel partner. Together, we are contributing to reduced carbon dioxide emissions by introducing fossil-free steel to the Norwegian market,” says Matts Nilsson, Head of
Sales Sweden & Norway at SSAB. “Together, we are building fossil-free value chains all the way to the end customer.”

“Norsk Stål considers fossil-free steel to be essential on our journey toward more sustainable steel distribution. We have long had a close relationship with SSAB and we are very happy with the collaboration on fossil-free steel. We look forward to adding this product to our Miljømetall portfolio and to offering our customers the same high quality as before, but with an even stronger sustainability profile,” says Helge Runer, CEO at Norsk Stål AS.

SSAB plans to revolutionize the entire steelmaking process. We aim to deliver fossil-free steel to the market at a commercial scale during 2026 and to largely eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from our own operations in around 2030. SSAB works with iron ore producer LKAB and energy company Vattenfall as part of the HYBRIT initiative to develop a value chain for fossil-free iron- and steelmaking, replacing the coking coal traditionally used for iron ore-based steelmaking with fossil-free electricity and hydrogen. This process virtually eliminates carbon dioxide-emissions in steel production. Miljømetall is a collection of products within the Norsk Stål portfolio which has a reduced CO2 footprint of at least 50%. Read more about Miljømetall on