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Seco/Warwick: Quick delivery to military equipment producer in Brazil

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Seco/Warwick: Quick delivery to military equipment producer in Brazil
Photo: Seco/Warwick

20.04.2021. An international arms and military equipment manufacturer in Brazil has recently ordered a Vector® vacuum furnace. It took Seco/Warwick only eight weeks to complete this order.

The contract covered the delivery of the most versatile and universal vacuum furnace offered by Seco/Warwick – the Vector furnace. It is a single-chamber vacuum furnace that uses gas quenching and can be used for multiple metal heat treatment applications and processes. In this configuration, equipped with a round graphite heating chamber, the Vector may be used for most standard processes including hardening, tempering, annealing, solutionising, brazing and sintering. This furnace is a popular choice with both the military and aviation industries.

Due to an increase in production, the client began looking for a reliable and trusted partner to quickly deliver a high-quality multi-purpose vacuum furnace.

“A situation where we have a product almost ready to be collected is rare. This time, the customer was indeed looking for a standard solution: our flagship vacuum furnace, hundreds of which are in operation in 70 countries around the world,” said Maciej Korecki, Vice President of the Vacuum Furnace Segment at the Seco/Warwick Group. “We are pleased that we could meet our client’s expectations, both in terms of the parameters and quality of the delivered device and, what was most important in this case, a short completion time. This was yet another contract with a defense sector company. The trust that this partner and this industry have repeatedly placed in us is very gratifying,” concluded Korecki.

Seco/Warwick as a partner for defense

Last year, Seco/Warwick supplied Vector furnaces to some of the biggest military companies in the world. This is the industry that, along with the aviation and automotive, most readily takes advantage of the opportunities offered by this vacuum furnace technology to really improve the efficiency of their heat treatment departments.


(Source: Seco/Warwick)