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Schuler expands presence in Slovakia

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Author: Magnus Schwarz

Schuler expands presence in Slovakia
Peter Krajcik (center) and his team from Schuler Service want to make a new start in Slovakia (Source: Schuler)

From spare parts that fit into a small package to press lines measuring dozens of meters in length and weighing tens of tons: this is how Peter Krajcik, the new Managing Director of Schuler Service in Slovakia, describes the location’s product portfolio. Located on the border with the Czech Republic, he and his team can also quickly reach customers in the neighboring country and within a few hours’ drive reach Austria or Hungary.

“With our experience, we are not only able to implement major projects such as the relocation of press lines or complex modernizations,” Krajcik emphasizes. “Schuler also carries out inspections, preventive maintenance, and safety checks that quickly pay for themselves.” He adds that the aim is always to offer customers the most cost-effective solution possible: “In doing so, we benefit from the performance and know-how of our service center at Schuler’s headquarters in Göppingen, Germany.”

Digital applications such as the camera-based monitoring system “Visual Die Protection” or the cloud services for monitoring operating status, press force, energy requirements, and cooling and lubrication circuits are suitable for increasing the productivity and availability of lines. The service location in Slovakia has already found customers for both solutions from Schuler’s “Digital Suite” for networking forming technology. The scope of supply also includes training courses which enable the applications to be operated within a very short time.

In the European Union, Schuler Service also has locations in Poland (Kędzierzyn-Koźle), Italy (Turin), Spain (Barcelona) and France (Strasbourg), as well as another in the UK (Walsall). Globally, it is to be found in Brazil, Mexico, the USA, China, India and Thailand, among other places – and thus close to its customers everywhere.