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Primetals Technologies: largest automation upgrade implemented at Taiyuan Group

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Author: Sarah Gottschalk

Primetals Technologies: largest automation upgrade implemented at Taiyuan Group
Primetals Technologies has implemented its largest ever upgrade of process optimization systems in a single steel plant at TISCO’s Taiyuan site in China. (Quelle: TISCO)

Primetals Technologies’ most extensive upgrade of process optimization systems to date was recently implemented at Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group Co’s (TISCO) steel plant in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China. Switching to the new systems took just one week and was accomplished remotely, marking project completion two months ahead of schedule.

Fully automated plant

Primetals Technologies upgraded the Level 2 automation systems at 14 steelmaking units across the entire meltshop, seven continuous slab casters, and the central management system for raw-material logistics and evaluation. This comprehensive modernization enables TISCO to execute the steel-production process from a central control center, also sometimes called “integrated control center” (ICC). The upgrade ensures full plant automation, “one-button steelmaking”, as all systems are connected to the same unified network.

Improved performance

The modernization of the Level 2 systems makes it possible for TISCO to calculate process parameters even more accurately using modern metallurgical models, which will improve the quality, productivity, and flexibility of TISCO’s production process.
The software system features a significantly improved user interface – the new version is easier to navigate and more intuitive for operators. In addition, the new interface simplifies the communication between the systems as well as the future implementation of extensions. The servers are virtualized, meaning that the process optimization solutions are operated without hardware, which in turn reduces the need for IT-related maintenance.