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Nucor Corporation endorses Danieli with orders for cold-strip plants

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Author: Lucas Möllers

Nucor Corporation endorses Danieli with orders for cold-strip plants
The two projects will result in additional flat-product finishing capacity for the major USA steelmaker (Source: Danieli)

As part of the multi-technology order valued in excess of US$ 650 million, Nucor Corporation has selected Danieli. The company will supply technological equipment and automation for two installations. A first order has been made: A new Pickling Line and Tandem Cold Mill PLTCM and temper mill, will complete the QSP-DUE® quality hot-strip plant. It has been just awarded to Danieli and is to be installed in West Virginia.

The new PLTCM plant will process 2.3 Mshtpy of hot-rolled strip, which is 0.80- to 6.35-mm-thick and  up to 1,982-mm-wide. It will be processed into 0.25- to 3.05-mm-thick cold-rolled strip for both construction and automotive products. The pickling line will be characterized by the patented Turboflo® technology. It is meant for highly efficient scale removal and high- and adjustable-turbulence on both strip surfaces. The procedure happens at speeds up to 250 m/min.

Optimized Shaped Roll Technology ensures strip flatness

Coupled with the pickling line, a five-stand tandem cold mill featuring Danieli original, 6-hi Optimized Shaped Roll Technology (OSRT) will ensure optimal strip flatness. Furthermore, it garantees thickness control and performance stability at speeds up to 1,200 m/min.

A 0.45 Mshtpy stand-alone temper mill will complete the Danieli supply for this new cold-mill complex. It will improve material formability, flatness and surface finish grades in wet tempering mode. A second order for cold-strip technology has been placed with Danieli. It aims for the supply of a galvanizing line and a color-coating line to be installed at the existing plant in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

The line will process 1,575-mm-wide and 0.25-1.75-mm-thick strip with galvanized (GI) and galvalume (GL) coatings. It features Kohler’s X-jet zinc air-wiping system for quality, coating weight control and Danieli Centro Combustion horizontal annealing furnace. Danieli X-Jet technology allows for extremely accurate and uniform final zinc coating-thickness control. This happens down to 36 g/m2 per side at 170 mpm. A Q-Robot Zinc will skim the surface of the zinc bath. By doing so, it removes and handles dross, reducing human activity in the zinc-pot area.

Color-coated strip made for steel buildings

Regarding the color-coating line: It will produce 0.25 Mshtpy of coated strip up to 1,575 mm wide and 0.25-1.75 mm thick. The design of the prime and finish coaters will be based on the most recent iteration of Danieli Fata Hunter’s single-slide technology and integrated with dry-film thickness measurement sensors to provide a closed-loop control for higher coating repeatability and limited operator intervention. The galvanizing and color-coated strip produced in Crawfordsville with the new lines will serve markets for steel buildings.

Danieli Automation will provide advanced process control systems to supervise operations, running the lines in automatic mode, guaranteeing quality and production consistency. Startups are scheduled for the end of 2024 for the PLTCM and temper mill in West Virgina and also for the galvanizing and strip-processing lines in Crawfordsville.