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New investment at Dillinger France: Dillinger Group bolsters its offshore wind strategy

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Author: Editorial Office

New investment at Dillinger France: Dillinger Group bolsters its offshore wind strategy
Photo: Dillinger France

29.06.2021. Dillinger France is currently using a new edge milling line to produce its first order for edge-machined plates for offshore wind turbines. This investment is aimed at strengthening the position of Dillinger in the future market for wind power.


After completion of the extensive work of redesigning the halls, creating the rail connection for efficient logistics and constructing the line itself Dillinger France was able to put the new line into operation on schedule despite pandemic-related restrictions. Thus, production began at the end of April for a first order for 62-mm-thick plates. Dillinger is putting its third edging machine into operation with this 12 million € investment – but this is the first to be installed at Dillinger France in Dunkirk. These are high-precision tools for preparing plate edges for welding, thus meeting the increasingly demanding requirements of wind power operators.


Markus Lauer, Président Directeur Général of Dillinger France and Member of the Board of Management of Dillinger: “Dillinger is a major European player in the offshore wind power market; in Europe, around 80 wind farms have been built on foundations made of steel from Dillinger. In order to press ahead in this market with our development strategy to strengthen our position in this segment, we have invested 30 million € over the last three years in the Dillinger France site in Dunkirk. The funds went into the renovation of a furnace, the purchase of a conveyor crane for the exceptionally large dimensions of plate for wind turbines, the expansion of a hall as well as the acquisition of new halls, and the construction of our new edge milling line.”


Philippe Nawracala, Directeur Général Délégué of Dillinger France, added: “We are already producing plates for offshore wind turbines, particularly for the monopile foundations and for transformer stations. With the edge milling machine, we can now participate more intensively in the development of offshore wind turbines in Europe. We are the only French manufacturer of heavy plate steel for wind turbines in France. And that production is taking place in Dunkirk.”


(Source: Dillinger)