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New hot-dip galvanizing and color-coating lines for Arvedi Servola

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Author: Sarah Holtkamp

New hot-dip galvanizing and color-coating lines for Arvedi Servola
Acciaierie Arvedi reconfirms its trust in Danieli Wean United cold-strip technology (Copyright: Danieli)

Acciaierie Arvedi awarded Danieli with an order for the supply of two strip processing lines to be installed at the Servola plant, Trieste, north-east Italy. They will comply with the standards of the European Union’s Green Deal.

Featuring the Danieli Kohler X-JET wiping system, the HDGL will process 200,000 tpy of incoming coils weighing more than 30 tons, operating at up-to-200-mpm process speed. This system allows the lightest zinc-coating weights with extremely accurate uniformity and control.

The furnace will handle cold-forming, structural, micro-alloyed and hot-rolled strip steel grades. The 0.15 – 0.25 mm strips will be processed using only the radiant tubes section, not with the direct-flame section. Thanks to low-NOX burners and a DeNOX / waste gas heat-recovery system, the plant will operate at the lowest emissions levels.

A Q-Robot Zinc will skim the surface of the zinc bath, removing and handling dross. It will be reducing human activity in the zinc-pot area.

The design of the prime and finish coaters will be based on the most recent iteration of Danieli FATA Hunter’s single-slide technology. It will be integrated with dry-film thickness measurement sensors to provide a closed-loop control for higher coating repeatability and limited operator intervention.

The new processing lines will be integrated into Q3-PREMIUM, Danieli Automation’s digital predictive quality system. It will be set in order to assist high-end steel producers with enhanced control through each process step. The lines are specially made for consistent production of prime quality and advanced steel grades.

The lines will be supplied on a turnkey basis. All equipment will be preassembled in order to minimize erection activities. Startup is scheduled by the end 2022.

Arvedi has been operating a complete Danieli cold-mill complex in Cremona since 2010.