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KME Special Products & Solutions enhances profile with new brand identity
KME Special Products & Solutions enhances profile with new brand identity

KME Special Products & Solutions enhances profile with new brand identity

Author: Barbara Pflamm

Date: 20. Dez. 2022

At the beginning of 2022, KME Special Products & Solutions (KME SPS) completed its split-off from the KME Group. At the same time, KME SPS initiated the process of finding its own brand identity. From March 2023, the company will operate on the market under the name cunova and thus also stand on its own feet in terms of name and brand.

According to the company, the name change is the result of an intensive assessment process. It played through various scenarios and provided a forum for the colleagues involved in the rebranding process to discuss the restructuring scope in detail. Ultimately, it chose the name cunova, a name that

“suits our role as an innovation driver in the sector while also identifying and verifying our company as a distinct player on the market”, explains CEO Dr Bernhard Hoffmann. “While KME in Osnabrück will remain our most important supplier, we have completely separated ourselves from the KME Group. This should also be reflected in our new name.”

cu comes from the chemical symbol for copper, nova comes from innovation. These are two key elements in the brand positioning of ME SPS’s brand positioning. Daniel Hopkins, Head of Marketing and Communication and responsible for leading the project explains that a final decision has not yet been made on whether and to what extent the new brand will receive an endorsement that references the former KME brand.

Plenty of tasks remain before the final roll-out of the new brand, which is planned for 1 March 2023.

“In the strategic part of the process, we established the framework for our new brand identity. In the upcoming operative phase, we will decorate this framework”, says Hopkins.

This not only involves setting up a new web presence and adjusting all branded documents, work clothing and much more, but also, in particular, providing comprehensive information to internal and external stakeholders. An information brochure is currently being prepared.

CFO Axel Gerle, also heavily involved in the process as a managing director, is looking forward to the opportunities that the new name will bring for the company: “We are currently building a future-proof brand that lays the foundations for successful company development.”

This development from which future generations will also benefit. At METEC 2023 in Düsseldorf at the latest, interested business partners will have the opportunity to convince themselves of this and delve into the company’s new brand world.