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Kanthal signs licensing agreement regarding MW-scale gas heating solution

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Author: Sarah Holtkamp

Kanthal signs licensing agreement regarding MW-scale gas heating solution
Signing of agreement between Kanthal and Nycast (Copyright: Kanthal)

Swedish companies Kanthal and Nycast enter an exclusive licensing agreement. It is regarding a large-scale electric gas heating solution developed by Nycast.

Kanthal recently announced that the company has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Nycast. Kanthal has now the exclusive right to use Nycast’s technology for heating large amounts of process gas at high pressure up to 1,100°C/2,012°F. The technology is a key component for industries with a need to heat high volumes of process gas to high temperature. It also supports those, who are looking to lower their CO2 emissions. This includes industries focussing on production of steel, cement and petrochemicals.

“We are delighted to have formed this licensing agreement which represents significant business opportunities for Kanthal,” says Anders Björklund, President at Kanthal. “Fossil-free heating of process gas at high temperatures will be crucial for many industries to minimize their carbon footprint. This addition to our product portfolio will allow us to deliver a solution for them.”

The first version of the heater was started in 2013. It was set up in Swedish metals research institute Swerim’s testing facilities. Situated in northern Sweden, it has been running problem-free ever since. The heater is based on well-proven components. It is modular to be scaled up to desired temperature, flow and pressure.

“After all the years of development and tests we’re looking forward to see the heater in production environment,” says Ralph Nyström, CEO at Nycast. “We developed this heater as a way to contribute to the work against climate change. We’re excited about the fact that Kanthal will now put it to market.”