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Hubei Radiatech joins Seco/Warwick’s EV/CAB technology customers

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Author: Thomas Schneidewind

Date: 15. Nov. 2022

Seco/Warwick will supply two EV/CAB furnaces to one of the largest manufacturers of car radiators in central China. This is the first time that Seco/Warwick has cooperated with Hubei Radiatech.

“We are a well-known CAB technology producer. Therefore, interest in our products is not surprising, especially in these times of the growing importance of the electric vehicle industry. As a result, our solution is gaining more and more followers. The contract with Hubei Radiatech is the effect of many meetings and consultations initiated during the global forum, “Automobile Thermal Management.” We participate in industry events, and as a leader in CAB technology, we share our knowledge and experience.


Our Partners appreciate this method of communication when we implement joint projects. Such meetings are a chance to get to know Seco/Warwick, our technology and experience. This is exactly how it was in this case. That is why we always invite members of the manufacturing community to visit us during industry events,” says Piotr Skarbiński, Vice President of the Aluminum and CAB Products Segment at Seco/Warwick Group.

Two CAB furnaces in two widths

The contract with Hubei Radiatech includes two aluminum brazing furnaces. The first one, with a conveyor belt width of 1600mm, will be used to produce oversized battery coolers. The second, smaller one, with a conveyor belt width of 1300 mm, will be used for brazing air conditioning condensers. Both furnaces are designed specifically to produce oversized battery coolers and condensers. The units that make up the Seco/Warwick CAB line include a pre-heating and main heating chamber, a radiation brazing furnace, an air jacket cooling chamber, a final cooling chamber and a control system.

The advantage of the CAB line sold to Hubei Radiatech is the perfect temperature uniformity across the width of the belt, as well as the unique design of the curtain and cooling chamber. The EV/CAB furnace was created for the automotive industry and is a response to electromobility needs.

Seco/Warwick and electromobility

Seco/Warwick, a leader in CAB technology for electromobility, perfectly cooperates with the automotive industry by providing solutions which help them to develop vehicle production technology.

“Recognition of the Seco/Warwick Group in the CAB sector is very high. Partners cooperating with us choose Seco/Warwick due to our position as a proven leader in CAB technology who focuses on the quality and complexity of solutions. The second aspect, often emphasized, is dialogue, that is, looking for new solutions with Partners. That is why we have developed our own brand dedicated to the automotive industry – aluminum brazing lines under the EV/CAB name,” concludes Liu Yedong, Managing Director for Seco/Warwick China.

Seco/Warwick + heat exchangers = perfect equation

Hubei Radiatech is located in the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is called the “automotive capital of China.” Today, the company has become one of the largest automotive radiator manufacturing enterprises in central China.

“We have the production technology and capacity to produce a full series of intercoolers and radiators to fit a variety of car engines with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million sets of intercoolers and radiators. Our mission is to provide end-to-end solutions and products for intelligent vehicle heat management systems and become the most influential Chinese expert in the scope of heat management systems. Cooperation with Seco/Warwick will certainly help us to achieve this goal. Seco/Warwick furnaces, not without reason, enjoy an excellent reputation among heat exchanger manufacturers. We are glad that we have joined the group of Seco/Warwick,” commented You Haiquan, Managing Director of Hubei Radiatech.