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Global bolt manufacturer orders a second ATE process line by Seco/Warwick

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Global bolt manufacturer orders a second ATE process line by Seco/Warwick

20.07.2021. The global bolt manufacturer Solvera Gawel Technology S.A. has ordered a second ATE process line comprising an electrical mesh belt PTE furnace by Seco/Warwick. The ATE line will be commissioned in the Solvera Gawel Technology (SGT) plant in the second quarter of 2022.

New ATE process line

This new line will be intended mostly for carbonitriding and hardening processes (under endothermic atmosphere enriched with methane and ammonia) and for washing and tempering of high-quality screws and other hardware manufactured near Rzeszów.

The Electrical Belt Conveyor Unit (ATE) under the contract will already be the second, twin, process line in the SGT plant. The first, virtually identical one, has been delivered by Seco/Warwick in 2017. Dynamic growth of the company and the pursuit of expansion on the Western markets made SGT to opt for expanding their machinery park.

Electrical belt conveyor unit

An electrical belt conveyor unit is a device that is well-suited for the manufacture of, for example, small hardware that requires perfect repeatability. Therefore, this solution is the one most often selected by manufacturers of bolts and hardware, and by commercial hardening plants. Similar solutions by Seco/Warwick have already been delivered to Germany, Russia and Czechia, as well as to India and the United States.

Piotr Skarbiński, Vice-President, Business Segment Aluminum Process and CAB, Seco/Warwick: “ATE process line is our proprietary and proved design which we have been refining for years to create, in my opinion, one of the most robust devices of this kind on the market. It enables maintaining the assumed process parameters of the heat and chemical treatment in a stable manner while ensuring high reliability of the equipment. An electric mesh belt furnace (PTE) is particularly well suited for continuous operation in the production lines. Since the furnace can be used in a multitude of processes, it is well recognised by global hardware manufacturers. It is also used in the production of parts wherever the precise serial production is necessary, including for example the automotive industry.”

The ATE process line which will be delivered in 2022 will be adapted for operating with endothermic atmosphere supplied from an external endothermic generator.

It will consist of a loading module equipped with a weighing system, main furnace (enabling carburising and carbonitriding process), oil bath (for hardening the workpieces), vibration and reloading tables. After the hardening process, the workpieces are transferred to a drum washer where they are washed, rinsed and finally dried. Hardware so prepared is transferred to a high tempering furnace, and then to the passivation bath. The line is completed with an arrangement of control cabinets with the Seco/Scada master system.

Hardware manufacturers require repeatability

Solvera Gawel Technology S.A. (SGT) is a renowned manufacturer of hardware items such as wood, metal and plastic screws. Over the years, the company has launched many innovative products.

Tomasz Gaweł, President of the Management Board of Solvera Gawel Technology S.A.: “From the very beginning of our operations, we have paid a lot of attention to the high production quality that is possible thanks to ensuring repeatability. Five years ago, the Seco/Warwick ATE line has won us with the innovative design which perfectly matches the needs of our production. We have very ambitious growth plans. A few years back, we have established branches in America and Asia.”


(Source: Seco/Warwick)