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Aircraft component supplier purchases a Seco/Warwick VAB furnace

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Aircraft component supplier purchases a Seco/Warwick VAB furnace

09.09.2021. Seco/Vacuum, a Seco/Warwick Group brand, has sold a vacuum aluminium brazing (VAB) furnace to an international aircraft component supplier. Delivery is scheduled for early 2022.


The furnace is designed to meet tight temperature tolerances of +/-3 °C, incorporating a powerful high vacuum system with diffusion pump. The furnace is equipped with six temperature control zones and can accommodate loads with dimensions up to 36”x28”x48” / 900x700x1,200 mm (WxHxD).

The new furnace joins other Seco/Warwick Group vacuum furnaces installed at this location. The prior acquisitions provided a basis of credibility because of their successful performance. However, the decision to go with Seco/Vacuum hinged as much on the supplier’s newer proven technologies and their collaborate approach to accommodate the customer’s unique requirements.

Aircraft requires VAB quality

VAB furnace allows brazing of aluminium parts for applications where use of brazing flux is not permitted due to corrosion potential. This feature applies especially to parts used in critical applications such as aircraft. Seco/Vacuum’s VAB furnace operates in deep vacuum and delivers perfect temperature uniformity, meeting Class 1 requirements by AMS2750F.

Vacuum aluminium brazing is especially useful in aeronautical and aerospace applications because of the challenging specifications that must be met. For any firm conducting their own aluminium brazing in-house or for those heat treat shops with opportunities to work with aerospace customers (especially for military applications), and aerospace components suppliers, Seco/Warwick’s Group VAB is a perfect solution. Especially when coupled with a collaborative working philosophy.

Collaboration results

Piotr Zawistowski, Managing Director of Seco/Vacuum: “We are finding more opportunities in niche markets like VAB where we can offer our customers something more than a cookie-cutter solution. We take our time to learn and understand precisely what the company’s objectives and challenges are, and we apply a whole team approach to solving them. That’s what Seco/Visory is all about.”


(Source: Seco/Warwick)