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SciFo: The multi-user platform for research, technology, practice

The heat processing multi-user subscription is the right solution if several people in your company want unlimited access to all heat processing issues as well as the e-paper.

The IP-controlled multi-user license gives you simultaneous access at any time to exclusive expertise from more than 50 issues with interesting technical reports and interviews.

The advantage of digital multi-user licenses is that the cost per person is significantly lower than is the case with a regular subscription.

Our tip: Check approximately how many people would like to access heat processing and contact us. We will be happy to create the right offer for your team, your department or your entire company.

A multi-user licence at means for you:

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Virtual library

Archived, catalogued and integrated: Place your desired specialist media collectively in a library. You decide on your subject packages and media compilations.

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Licensing options

Discover the variety of customised purchase and licensing options: Single licence, corporate licence or campus licence with comprehensive access rights at your university and library.
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Perfect for university libraries or large companies and corporations with several locations: Any number of users can search all contents simultaneously at any time using a full-text search.

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Easy and secure to use: You have access anywhere and at any time without a complicated login procedure - the system automatically identifies the logged-in IP address or IP range.

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Put together your individual theme package with new publications and supplementary backlist titles from our eBooks. With a simple and transparent price structure, you can keep track of everything at all times.

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You can conveniently obtain your specialist journals (eJournals) with the scientific articles in an annual online subscription and also have full access to the extensive PDF archive.

Would you like to learn more?

We look forward to hearing from you. Please let us know which topics you are interested in and how many users should have access to the knowledge.


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