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The Ipsen Recon IV: the new generation of burners for increased energy efficiency and a plus in sustainability

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Author: Simon Meyer

Companies need to save now; the future energy supply is less certain than ever. The EU is calling for a 15-20 % reduction in natural gas consumption and the issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant in society. As always, Ipsen is in touch with the latest trends and is offering an effective solution with the Recon IV recuperative burner, creating the opportunity of energy savings of 10 % [1] and more.

The European economy is currently experiencing wild times, especially companies with energy-intensive manufacturing such as the metal industry (keyword “hardening shop”). The future energy or natural gas supply is fraught with big question marks, and no one can predict what developments await us in the energy sector.

Increasing energy efficiency. This is not a new topic, but for many companies this has not been a top priority. Times have changed and the topic is high on the agenda.
A recuperative burner like Ipsen’s Recon IV meets these requirements and saves energy, and that translates into cash. On top of that, your system’s CO2 emissions will be significantly reduced.

The energy savings when using the new burner add up to at least 10%. The new burner has been designed by Ipsen to allow a simple “plug and play” replacement. It is also easy to replace individual burners: a marvelously simple solution for the customer.

In addition, Ipsen designed the Recon IV with the capability of converting plants to operate with LPG in mind: the Ipsen burner even works perfectly with propane, LPG, LNG and hydrogen.

Recon IV‘s technical features in a nutshell:

  • Ipsen recuperative burner with a connected load of 25 kW

(also available in 35 kW version)

  • Robust stainless steel housing
  • Powerfully structured ceramic recuperator
  • Long-life cooled electrode

The advantages of the Recon IV at a glance:

  • Energy savings of at least 10% for heating the Ipsen system thanks to the high thermal efficiency of the burner
  • Increased sustainability in your company
  • Designed to run with propane, LPG, LNG and hydrogen
  • Simple, customer-oriented solution (“plug and play” replacement for an existing Ipsen Recon III burner system)
  • Replacement of individual burner units possible
  • Reduced exhaust gas temperatures
  • Increased burner service life
  • Optimized cold start behavior of the burners

Use the new Ipsen burner – a smart decision in favor of more sustainability, reduced costs and our common goal of reducing natural gas consumption.

Is that what you’re focused on?

Then get in touch with us! We know our stuff and will provide efficient help!


[1] Compared to the Ipsen Recon III.