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Otto Junker launches retrofit offensive for foundry and thermoprocessing equipment

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Otto Junker launches retrofit offensive for foundry and thermoprocessing equipment
Coreless medium-frequency furnace plant in Duomelt operation. Photo: Otto Junker

07.06.2021. The production efficiency of foundry and thermoprocessing plants can be significantly increased by modernisations and modifications. One major aspect in this is the equipment
control system. Otto Junker has launched a retrofit offensive in this regard and offers companies consulting services and the advantages of state-of-the-art equipment control systems. Otto Junker has a lot of experience in this area and can look back at a huge number of successfully completed projects.

Last year, Sachsen Guss GmbH in Chemnitz, Germany successfully made the switch to S7 technology with assistance from Otto Junker. The target was to carry out the modernisation within the shortest downtime possible. This has been successfully achieved. What’s more: The customer can now take full advantage of the modernisation.

”The main concern of the people in charge at Sachsen Guss GmbH was to obstruct the ongoing production as little as possible by the modification work. This was achieved by clever planning, close interaction and the preassembly of components etc,” says Jörg Neuhaus, Head of Otto Junker GmbH Service Department.

More flexibility and a higher degree of automation thanks to S7 control system

A modification to the Simatic S7 control system offers a number of technical and economic advantages. The modernisation gives increased flexibility in production and manufacture planning. Low downtimes of the control system and an improved process control provide higher productivity and the option of new manufacturing techniques.

Siemens Simatic S7 in a switch cubicle of an Otto Junker plant and visualisation representations (r.).

A modern control system allows the operator to achieve a higher degree of automation and to run the equipment more economically. More diagnosis options and the possible realisation of processes with a higher degree of automation – such as sintering and starting from cold – are just some of the advantages offered by updating to a new control system. After the modification has been completed, the operator also has access to the manufacturing data history which allows him to derive additional optimisation steps. Service specialists who maintain furnace plants operated with the Simatic S7 control system and who can quickly rectify faults, if any, are available at all times. Otto Junker permanently train service employees and ensure a service which meets individual requirements, also with regard to the current safety regulations.

Retrofit with customer-oriented concept

The safe and trouble-free modernisation is carried out in one step. The Otto Junker service specialists recommend to replace critical parts as preassembled components. The modification is carried out such that production can be resumed after just a short modification period. In the course of its retrofit offensive, Otto Junker offer free-of-charge individual consultations to customers. For detailed information on the subject, please go to or agree a personal meeting.


(Source: Otto Junker)