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MSB refractory dry-out burner systems for furnace heat-up applications

Author: Editorial Office

MSB refractory dry-out burner systems for furnace heat-up applications
Photo: Yeten Combustion
26.03.2021. Yeten Combustion produces custom designed refractory dry-out systems for refractory installer companies, dry-out teams and end users around the world. Over the years, refractory linings of the furnaces are getting old and replaced with new ones. Replaced refractories need to face a dry-out process according to the temperature graphics of the refractory materials. With their high Xs air operation (1:1000 fuel/air ratio) and precise temperature control, MSB burners are used in furnace heat-up and refractory dry-out applications up to 1,050 °C, especially in glass furnaces.
The system is completely designed for the needs of the operators. Combustion air fan, gas train and control cabinet are all located on the transport cart. During the operation and maintenance, every instrument of the gas train can be reached and detached easily. Individual parts of the system such as, burner, air trim valve, gas & air flex hoses can be stored inside the transport cart and can be delivered from factory to factory easily.

Control cabinet according to EN 746 – 2 safety standards

The control cabinet is designed according to the EN 746 – 2 safety standards and has a safety relay inside. There is a driver inside the cabinet to control the combustion air fan. Driver frequency can be easily adjusted from the control panel which is mounted to the front cover of the cabinet. Condition of the system and faults can be followed from the BCU control panel. Visual and audible alarm system warns the operators against system faults.

Monitoring & recording system

More than 40 thermocouples can be added to the system. Furnace temperatures, gas & air flow rates of the burners, furnace inside pressures, alarms and system faults can be seen locally on the recorder ’s touch panel. Operators can also track these datas from a long distance in their PC via Wi-Fi or ethernet.

Flow measurement systems

Due to the customer requests, gas & air flow measurement systems can be additionally added. Operators can locally follow the gas & air flow rates on the display of the flow transmitter. This way, they can adjust the fuel/air ratio more precisely with minimum effort.


(Source: Yeten Combustion)