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Gas-oil combined burners for various industries

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Gas-oil combined burners for various industries

NHD gas-oil combined burners can burn both gas and oil. It is suitable for working under heavy duty conditions. Burner turbulator has been manufactured using qualified refractory material. The burner can work continuously at high temperatures with both negative and positive cross pressure.
Main technical features are as follows:

  • Capacity: 600 – 5,000 kW
  • Working Temperature: Max. 1,600 °C
  • Combustion Air Temperature: Max. 600 °C
  • Ignition: Pilot Burner
  • Fuels: Natural Gas, LPG, COG, Oil – No: 2, 4, 6
  • Diverging & Converging Burner Tiles.

NHD burners can be used for various applications such as reheat furnaces, ladle heating systems, melting furnaces, rotary furnaces, incinerators etc. In addition, they preferred due to their proper prices, economical spare parts, long service life and short delivery times by many furnace manufacturers and end users around the world.
(Source: YETEN Combustion & Energy Technologies Ltd. Co.)