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An overview of inductive gear spin hardening


Publication Form: Fachartikel
Article-No.: 00541_2008_01_09
Issue: 01
Magazine: An overview of inductive gear spin hardening
Publication date: 01.01.2008
Author: Hansjürg Stiele/Fabian Marquis
Publishing House: Vulkan-Verlag GmbH
Pages: 4
Publication Format: PDF
Language: English


Gap-by-gap, tooth-by-tooth and gear spin hardening are three different methods used for gear hardening by induction. While it is only possible to harden parts of the gear step by step using the first two methods, gear spin hardening allows all the parts of the gear tooth perimeter to be hardened simultaneously. One of the biggest advantages of gear spin hardening is its easy integration into the process flow, and it is for this reason that it has become increasingly significant in large-batch production over recent years. The aim of the article is to present the process-related possibilities and special features of this hardening procedure.

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