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Hier finden Sie alle wichtigen Köpfe aus Branche, Autorenschaft oder der Veranstaltungslandschaft.

Dazu zählen alle Macher, Entscheider und Praktiker aus der Industriearmaturenbranche.



Uwe Zoellig

Dipl. Ing. Uwe Zoellig

Position: Senior Manager Market Segment Process Industries
Company: Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbH

+49 (0)221 / 347-1375
+49 (0)221 / 347-3-1375

Work focuses Senior expert in vacuum pump technology to be used for vacuum heat-treatment furnaces and for metal degassing ...


Peter Wendt

Dr. Peter Wendt

Position: Vice President Sales
Company: LOI Thermprocess GmbH

+49 (0)201 / 1891-236
+49 (0)201 / 1891-352

Work focuses Vice President Sales, i.e. Sales of heat treatment equipment (furnaces and plants) for heat treatment of steel strip, wire & wire rod, non ferrous metals, tubes and bars Other responsibilities Managing Director of LOI Fours S.A. (Liege), Belgium Member of Advisory Board of ...

Martin Wicker

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Wicker

Company: Elster GmbH, Honeywell Thermal Solutions

+49 (0)541 / 1214-624

Martin Wicker

Position: Application & Strategy Manager
Company: Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG

+49 172 6348440

Karl-Michael Winter

Karl-Michael Winter

Position: Vice President R&D and Engineering
Company: Nitrex Metal Inc.

Hermann Woche

Dr.-Ing. Hermann Woche

Company: Institute of Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics, University of Magdeburg

+49 (0)391 / 67-12421

Slawomir Woźniak

Slawomir Woźniak

Position: CEO

Emilia Wołowiec-Korecka

PhD DSc Eng Emilia Wołowiec-Korecka

Position: Assistant Professor
Company: Lodz University of Technology

+48 (0)42 / 631-30-44
+48 (0)42 / 631-30-38

Work focuses Research (computer aided of heat treatment processes, surface engineering, heat treatment, modelling of thermo-chemical treatment processes, biomaterials) Teaching (surface treatment designing, methods of test materials, accreditations and certifications of laboratories, materials ...

Peter Wübben

Dr.-Ing. Peter Wübben

Position: Technical Manager
Company: Linn High Therm GmbH

+49 (0)9665 / 9140-0
+49 (0)9665 / 1720

Work focuses Special heat applications (resistance, inductive and microwave heating etc.) Design of special client specific furnaces and heat ...

Joachim G. Wünning

Dr.-Ing. Joachim G. Wünning

Position: General Manager
Company: WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH

+49 (0)7159 / 1632-0
+49 (0)7159 / 2738

Work focuses Clean, efficient combustion FLOX – flameless oxidation Heat recovery, radiant tubes Recuperative, regenerative burners Other responsibilities Active participation in VDMA e.V., ...

Timo Würz

Dr.-Ing. Timo Würz

Position: Managing Director
Company: VDMA Metallurgy


Günter Valder

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Valder

Company: FH Aachen, Faculty 10 - Energy Technology, Institute Nowum Energy

+49 (0)241 / 6009-53282


Alexander Ulferts

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Ulferts

Position: Head of Process Development
Company: Inductoheat Europe GmbH

+49 (0)7153 / 504-226
+49 (0)7153 / 504-333

Work focuses Development of induction heating processes for: hardening, tempering, billet heating Process failure analysis & process optimization, management of international process development projects Consulting induction heat treating processes and system optimization, customer and employee ...


Rolf Terjung

Dr.-Ing. Rolf Terjung

Position: CEO
Company: Graphite Materials GmbH

+49 (0)911 / 239801-40
+49 (0)911 / 239801-70

Work focuses Material engineering and consulting of components used in high temperature applications of vacuum and inert gas furnaces Manufacturer of graphite elements, carbon-carbon fixtures, carbon fibre insulations, resistance heated elements and hot-zone ...

Emanuel Kashi Thienpont

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Emanuel Kashi Thienpont

Position: Project Manager
Company: VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH

+49 (0)211 / 6707-387
+49 (0)211 / 6707-205

Work focuses FEM/CFD simulation, operating measurements on thermal processing plants, especially within steel industry, Development of burners and industrial furnaces, material research in high-temperature range (refractory & heat-resistant steels), burner and furnace roll investigations at ...

Adriana Torres

Ing. Adriana Torres

Position: International Business Development
Company: GHI Smart Furnaces


David Salerno

David Salerno

Position: CEO
Company: SOLO Swiss SA

+41-32-46596 00

Other responsibilities CECOF: Direct member IHEA: Member of the board A3TS France: Membre ...

Christian Schare

Christian Schare

Position: Director Global Service
Company: Karl Dungs GmbH & Co.KG

+49 (0)7181 / 804-317 / +49 (0)172 / 1641544

Work focuses Director Global Service for Dungs, based in Urbach, Germany. Christian started with Kromschröder as a Service Commissioning Engineer more than 24 years ago. He stayed in Service and in fired combustion systems application through all the years. Christian is a graduated Energy Engineer ...

Dirk Schlesselmann

Dr.-Ing. Dirk Schlesselmann

Position: Head of R&D Application Engineering
Company: EMAG eldec Induction GmbH

+49 (0)7443 / 9649-86

Work focuses Application engineering Coil design Induction brazing Induction heating Induction melting Induction surface hardening Process ...

Christoph Schmitz

Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Schmitz

Position: Consulting Engineer
Company: Aluserve

+49 (0)2257-7332

Work focuses Aluminium recycling technology covering melting, casting metal treatment and environmental control Concept development for complete secondary recycling plants Production consultation Equipment design covering melting furnaces, casting furnaces, casting equipmet Publications on ...

Wilfried Schmitz

Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Schmitz

Position: Research & Development
Company: Otto Junker GmbH

+49 (0)2473 / 60-1441

Stefan Schubotz

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schubotz

Position: Engineer Applications
Company: EFD Induction GmbH

+49 (0)761 / 8851-174

Work focuses Converter dimensioning and simulation Building up an interface to European converter suppliers of the EFD Group Sales- and service ...

Christian Schwotzer

Dr.-Ing. Christian Schwotzer

Position: Group Manager Renewable energy and low CO2 process heating
Company: Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering, RWTH Aachen University

+49 (0)241 / 80-26068
+49 (0)241 / 80-22289

Work focuses Research and development on combustion processes in gas fired industrial furnaces for the reheating and heat treatment of metal products and the use of renewable energies in industrial ...

Sacha Scimone

M.Sc. Chem. Eng. Sacha Scimone

Position: Sales Manager
Company: Danieli Centro Combustion S.p.A.

+39 (0)10 / 5341700
+39 (0)10 / 5341629

Work focuses Technical definition and commercial negotiation of reheating Heat treating projects for the steel ...

Andreas Seitzer

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Seitzer

Position: Managing Director
Company: Himmelwerk Hoch- und Mittelfrequenzanlagen GmbH

Michael Severin

Dr. Michael Severin

Position: Sales Director Process Heat Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)
Company: Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG

+49 (0)7181 / 804-364 / +49 (0)162 / 2014533

Christian Stanger

Position: Teamleiter Support
Company: Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG

+49 7181-804-374

Hartmut Steck-Winter

Dr. MBA Hartmut Steck-Winter

Position: formerly CTO
Company: Aichelin Service GmbH

+49 (0)176 / 97873726

Work focuses Automation of thermal processing plants Maintenance of thermal processing plants Safety of thermo processing equipment Knowledge management Design cost ...

Bernhart Stranzinger

Dr.-Ing. Bernhart Stranzinger

Position: Head of Department, Technology for Energy, Gas and Industrial Furnaces
Company: VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH

+49 (0)211 / 6707-366


Carsten Rein

Dr.-Ing. Carsten Rein

Position: VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH, Project Manager
Company: VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH

+49 (0)211 / 6707-893

Work focuses CFD, FEM, Burner Technology, Thermal ...

Matthias Rink

Dipl.-Phys. Matthias Rink

Position: Head of process technology
Company: Ipsen International GmbH

Thomas Rücker

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Rücker

Position: Business Development Manager Heat Treatment
Company: Schneider Electric Systems Germany GmbH >Eurotherm<

+49 (0)6431 / 298-233
+49 (0)6431 / 298-119

Work focuses Preparing heat treatment concepts for aerospace and automotive industry (AMS2750, CQI-9). Business manager for CARBON COMPOSITE. Consultant and solution-provider for calibration service / service on site and laboratory. Seminar facilitator and consultant for aerospace and automotive ...


Guido Plicht

Guido Plicht

Position: Industry Manager EMEA Metals Processing & EPAT
Company: Air Products GmbH

+49 (0)152 / 5460-1743

Work focuses Delivery and/or production of technical gases (N2, H2, He, Ar, etc) for heat treatment applications and atmospheres as well as the enabling equipment to supply and control the atmosphere according the material ...


Bernard Nacke

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernard Nacke

Position: Managing Director
Company: Institute of Electrotechnology, Leibniz University Hannover


José Machado Jr.

José Machado Jr.

Position: General Manager
Company: SMS Elotherm do Brazil


Dirk Mäder

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dirk Mäder

Position: Vice president
Company: NOXMAT GmbH

+49 (0)2334 / 442-358

Work focuses Sales & ...

Dzo Mikulovic

Dr. Dzo Mikulovic

Position: Director
Company: MESA Electronic GmbH

+49 (0)8171 / 76930
+49 (0)8171 / 769333


Jörg Leicher

Dr.-Ing. Jörg Leicher

Position: Research Engineer
Company: Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e.V.

+49 (0)201 / 3618-278
+49 (0)201 / 3618-238

Work focuses CFD simulation of industrial combustion processes Chemical kinetics Alternative fuels Natural gas quality and its impact on industrial gas utilization Other responsibilities International Flame Research Foundation ...


Friedrich-Georg Kehrer

Friedrich-Georg Kehrer

Position: Global Portfolio Director Metals and Flow Technologies
Company: Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

+49 (0)211 / 4560466
+49 (0)211 / 456087466

Work focuses Organising world leading events for the thermo process and heat treatment industry. Messe Düsseldorf is the organiser of THERMPROCESS Düsseldorf and of other trade fairs world wide for the thermo process and heat treatment industry as well as co-organiser of ITPS, International ...

Janusz Kowalewski

Janusz Kowalewski

Position: Managing Director & CEO
Company: ALD Dynatech Furnaces Ltd.


Other responsibilities Works with legislators, regulatory agencies, volunteers and representatives of the not for-profit sector to promote legislative and regulatory policies that encourage a healthy community and address the issues of ALD-Dynatech’s ...

Simon Künne

Dipl.-Ing. Simon Künne

Position: CEO
Company: Prosik GmbH

+49 (0)151 / 507-07-147

Work focuses Process modelling Software ...

Pascal Kwaschny

B.E. Pascal Kwaschny

Position: Business Development Manager Growth Applications, Sales & Marketing Region Europe West (REW)
Company: Linde GmbH

+49 (0)40 / 853121-245
+49 (0)40 / 853121-250


Marco Jost

Dipl.-Ing. Marco Jost

Company: IBW Dr. Irretier GmbH


Ivan Imenokhoyev

Dr.-Ing. Ivan Imenokhoyev

Position: Specialist for microwave technology
Company: Linn High Therm GmbH

+49 (0)9665 / 91-40-48
+49 (0)9665 / 17-20

Work focuses Mechanical engineering and construction of industrial microwave furnaces Research and development of microwave technology (drying, hardening, sintering of materials) 3D-simulation with ...

Olaf Irretier

Dr.-Ing. Olaf Irretier

Company: IBW Dr. Irretier GmbH


Frank Hammer

Dr.-Ing. Frank Hammer

Position: Sales / Application Sensor Systems
Company: LAMTEC Meß- und Regeltechnik für Feuerungen GmbH & Co. KG

+49 (0)6227 / 6052-75
+49 (0)6227 / 6052-57

Work focuses Sensors and sensor systems for combustion control and optimisation in-situ measurement leak-monitoring and -detection (using hydrogen as tracer gas) Other responsibilities Member of the Working Committee for Sensorics at f i g a w a (Bundesvereinigung der Firmen im Gas- und Wasserfach ...

Stefan Heineck

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Heineck

Position: Process Engineering Manager
Company: Stange Elektronik GmbH

Thomas Heitkamp

Position: Project & Service Specialist
Company: Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG

+49 162 7422761

Ingo Horn

Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Horn

Position: Managing Partner
Company: ENA - Elektrotechnologien und Anlagenbau GmbH

+49 (0)39266 / 9493-0
+49 (0)39266 / 9493-23

Work focuses ENA-Industrial Furnaces offers a complete service from the development, through the design and production right up to commissioning on site for heat treatment, drying, tempering, warming and/or cooling of different products and materials Industrial furnaces and heat treatment plants, ...


Anne Giese

Dr.-Ing. Anne Giese

Position: Head of Department Industrial Combustion Technologies
Company: Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e.V.

+49 (0)201 / 3618-257
+49 (0)201 / 3618-238

Anne Goyer

Anne Goyer

Position: Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA), Executive Vice President
Company: Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA)

+1 (0)941 / 373-1830
+1 (0)941 / 373-1828

Work focuses The Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) is a voluntary trade association based in the United States representing the major segments of the industrial heat processing equipment industry. Established in 1929 to meet the need for effective group action in promoting the ...

Michael Graf

Michael Graf

Position: Linde Gas Headquarters, Expert Controlled Atmosphere & Furnace Technology
Company: Linde GmbH

+49 (0)151 / 58245734

Work focuses Development of new heat treatment processes and controlled atmosphere related equipment Product management of established Linde solutions for the heat treatment industry Support, troubleshooting, training and knowledge transfer with focus on controlled heat treatment atmospheres Other ...

Meinrad Grieshaber

Dipl.-Ing. Meinrad Grieshaber

Position: External Consultant
Company: Karl Dungs GmbH & Co.KG

+49 (0)176 / 30571279


Stefan Dappen

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Dappen

Company: SMS Elotherm GmbH

Lucia De Marco

Lucia De Marco

Position: Sales Department
Company: IVR Industrial Furnaces & Automations

+39 333 9774024

Daniel Derer

Position: Sales Manager Prozesswärme
Company: Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG

+49 7181-804-487


Egbert Baake

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Egbert Baake

Position: Academic Director
Company: Institute of Electrotechnology, Leibniz University Hannover

Romain Baloche

Dipl.-Ing. Romain Baloche

Position: Commercial
Company: Moteurs JM


Work focuses Manufacture of tailor-made electric motors for strong environments. Dedicated product range for vacuum furnaces and autoclaves. Export ready all over the ...

Stefan Beer

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Beer

Position: Business Unit Manager Electrical Furnaces/Induction technology
Company: extrutec GmbH

+49 (0)7732 / 939-1376
+49 (0)7732 / 939-1399

Harald Berger

Harald Berger

Position: Head of Market Communications
Company: Aichelin Ges.m.b.H.

+43 (0)2236 / 23646-210

Fabio Biasutti

Dipl.-Ing. Fabio Biasutti

Position: Head of Technology Sales
Company: Emag Milano Srl

+39-02-9059 42 381

Lars Böhmer

Lars Böhmer

Position: Technology and Standardization (Thermal Process Technology) / Managing Director of the Research Association for Industrial Furnace Construction (FOGI)
Company: VDMA Metallurgy, Research Association of Industrial Furnace Manufactures (FOGI e.V.)

Albert Book

Dipl.-Ing. Albert Book

Company: KELLER HCW GmbH

René Branders

René Branders

Position: President
Company: CECOF - The European Committee of Industrial Furnace and Heating Equipment Associations

Andreas Büscher

Position: Product Manager Controls Process Heat
Company: Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG

+49 (0)5405 / 50397-14 / +49 (0)151 / 62800274


Wolfgang Adler

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Adler

Position: Team Leader
Company: VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH

+49 (0)211 / 6707-309
+49 (0)211 / 6707-923309

Work focuses Improvement of energy efficiency and heating quality in industrial furnaces, especially within steel industry Development of new burner and heat exchanger CFD, testing plant and on-site measurements Substitution of natural gas by weak process-off gases or secondary ...

Ahmad Al-Halbouni

Dr.-Ing. habil. Ahmad Al-Halbouni

Position: R&D Coordinator
Company: Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e.V.

+49 (0)201 / 3618-230
+49 (0)201 / 3618-238

Work focuses Evaluation of energy conversion technologies Development and operation of burner systems for steam and gas turbines Development and operation of combustion systems for industrial applications Development and optimisation of multi-fuel combustion concepts for different operation ...

Frank Andrä

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Andrä

Position: Managing Director
Company: Inductoheat Europe GmbH

+49 (0)7153 / 504210
+49 (0)7153 / 504228

Work focuses Design and manufacturing of induction heating systems such as inverter, hardening-, heating- and brazing machines, coils, services, trainings, spares, retrofittings Contract hardening shops Process development of induction thermal processes Other responsibilities Member of economic ...

Stephan Arnold

Position: Head of System Engineering & Product Manager
Company: Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG

+49 7181-804-713