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Induction Thoughts – Column by Dr. Valery Rudnev

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Author: Editorial Office

Date: 26. Nov. 2019

Read all editions of Induction Thoughts here: Edition 1: Induction heating of wires, cables and tubular products Edition 2: Subtleties of induction heating of aluminum, magnesium and copper alloys Edition 3: Implications of induction hardening Edition 4: Specifics of induction hardening of powder metallurgy (P/M) components Edition 5: Mysteries in induction heat treating: striping (striation) phenomena Edition 6: Recent inventions and innovations in induction tempering and stress relieving of steels Edition 7: Controversy of self-tempering: applicability, shortcomings and benefits Edition 8: Induction heating of steel billets: causes of billet sticking/fusing problem and its prevention