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The latest issue of Heat Processing is here!


Focussing on new trends of the industry, our new issue of Heat Processing deals with topics of sustainibility and latest innovations. We are taking a closer look on hydrogen as well as the reduction of CO2 and optimization of processes.

In his Editorial, Roberto Pancaldi, CEO at Tenova concludes: "From my point of view, energy transition is a great opportunity: innovation thrives when a change is unfolding, and players able to embrace the challenge will have the chance to give a sbstantial contribution to the developing of a new economic model."

"Looking at regulations and taxes, which are already active respectively planned in the next years to achieve the sustainibility goals of the German governement and the European Comission, there is a tendency to relocate energy-intensive production in regions with lower standards", Friedrich Raether, Director at HTL, adds in his interview.

Finally, we give an overview on the latest CECOF meeting held this year.

Moreover, this issue contains several interesting reports in the field of induction technology, process control, industrial furnaces and heat treatment, which are the key topics of heat processing.

We wish you a good and inspiring read!

 Your Heat Processing Editorial team

heat processing 1/2021

heat processing in numbers



In heat processing 4/2021 we focus on topics such as Heat Treatment, Cooling Rates and alternatives for the industry to reach the goal of the reduction of CO2-emissions.

Energy transition: Change to innovate

Editorial by Roberto Pancaldi, CEO Tenova

CECOF Corner

Virtual CECOF General Assembly 2021

Optimization of the thermal production process

Interview with Friedrich Raether, Director at Fraunhofer-Center for High Temperature Materials and Design HTL

"In 2021, energy transition has dominated the public debate, raising awareness of the necessity to address the climate crisis with stable long-term strategies."

Roberto Pancaldi, CEO Tenova

"For many processes, industrial kilns need more flexibility."

Friedrich Raether, Director at HTL

"To date, the mainstream application of hydrogen has been held back by a variety of factors."

Todd Ellerton, Honeywell Thermal Solutions


What's new in the industry?


Hydrogen: An opportunity to reduce industrial CO2 emissions

Report by Todd Ellerton, Honeywell Thermal Solutions

Infuence of frequency and heating time on hardening depth of large workpieces

Report by Stefan Schubotz, EFD Induction GmbH

Slab and billet reheat temperature profiling, the accurate furnace mathematical model validation solution

Report by Steve Offley, Phoenix TM

Improved cooling rates in fluidized bed systems: Excellent alternative to salt bath and other heat treatment technologies

Report by Andreas Guderjahn et al.

Future Heating of Industrial Furnaces

Report by Joachim G. Wünning, WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH

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