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 The latest issue of Heat Processing is here!

The ongoing, devastating Russia-Ukraine war and the ensuing global energy and cost-of-living crisis have only underscored the importance of energy transition and the need to find sustainable, long-term solutions to tackle the climate crisis. 

In a way, this is the strength but also the main challenge of digitalization – it requires a more interactive relationship between customer and supplier. By sharing data, we can optimize the processes as well as help our customers transform the data into valuable information. Armed with this information,
they can go on to make key decisions like when to perform maintenance activities or how to organize the scheduling of their production.

In this issue of heat processing you will find technical reports about the main topic digitalization. Till Schreiter, CEO of ABP Induction Systems GmbH and President of the THERMPROCESS trade fair, states in his Interview: “Decarbonization is the leading theme, digitalization is the enabler”.

We wish you an inspiring read!

 Your Heat Processing Editorial team

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In heat processing 4/2022, we focus on the topic sustainability. We round the issue off with interviews.

“Decoupling mechanisms offer opportunities for us”

Till Schreiter, CEO of ABP Induction Systems GmbH, Member of the Board of VDMA
Metallurgy and President of the THERMPROCESS trade fair

Points of view

Shift of perspectives: Digitalization

Artificial Intelligence in the Steel Mill

Technoloy in Practice by ArcelorMittal

Nutec Group. “I am honored to have been appointed CEO of Nutec Group, a family that I have been a part of for over 25 years. Genaro has given outstanding service for many years, defining and strengthening our culture, always putting ethics first, and leaving our various companies as renowned and respected suppliers in their fields of operation,”

Genaro F Cueva

CEO of Nutec Group

“We cannot avoid investing in individual markets.”

Till Schreiter.
CEO of ABP Induction Systems GmbH,
Member of the Board of VDMA Metallurgy and President
of the THERMPROCESS trade fair 

"Today, it is common for heat treat furnace manufacturers to perform computer upgrades and equipment troubleshooting remotely"

Doug Glenn, Editor in Chief of Heat Treat Today


What's new in the industry?


New efficient ways of technical communication through AR and VR solutions

report by Patrick M. Saemann

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Heat Treatment

report by Klaus Buchner

Smartphone for the foundry – Practical applications in digitalization

report by Robin Czarnetzki, Markus Fournell, Marco Rische

Sustainability and decarbonization – future viability in heat treatment

report by Olaf Irretier, Marco Jost, Julian Irretier, Gerald Hiller

Benefits of Open Die Forging Automation

report by Tobias Fister

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