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Here is our latest heat processing issue

Decarbonisation, green steel, hydrogen: In recent months, hardly any other topic (except for Corona) has dominated the headlines so much like the question of how to become climate-neutral in the near future. Almost every steel producer has already presented its own strategy, roadmap and projects related to the decarbonisation of the steel industry. It is a race against time and a complex effort of industry, science, politics, and society altogether.

Now, we find ourselves with this issue of heat processing about the possibilities of carbon-free clean combustion of hydrogen resulting in green steel. "I see the biggest challenges for this transition not with the technical issues but with the political ones," says Dr.-Ing. Michael Severin, Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG, in his editorial. He demands framework and freedom equally for a hydrogen transition.


heat processing 1/2021

Special Hydrogen: On our way to a green future

Read more about the future heating of industrial furnaces or the impact of hydrogen and mixtures of hydrogen and natural gas on forced draught gas burners. We also collected several news items on hydrogen-related projects around the world.

Future heating technologies of industrial furnaces

Report by Dr.-Ing. Joachim G. Wünning, WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH

Natural gas vs. hydrogen combustion: reality or hot air?

Expert analysis by Heat Treat Today, with the help of their good friends at heat processing

Impact of hydrogen and mixtures of hydrogen and natural gas on forced draught gas burners

Report by Dr.-Ing. Andreas Huber, Walter Dreizler GmbH

What's going on in our industry?


“We want to generate half of our turnover in services”

Interview with Jochen Burg und Alexander Heck, Technical Service, SMS group

Modular heat treatment using nitriding and low-pressure carburising (Part 3)

Report by Gerald Hiller, Pierre Bertoni (ECM), Marco Jost and Dr.-Ing. Olaf Irretier (IBW Dr. Irretier)

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