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Hardly had we survived the Corona crisis when, hard on its heels, came a change of historical direction in the form of Russia’s war of aggression. The consequences of which can scarcely be predicted. One thing is certain: this war is changing the entire world and can even now be judged as a turning point in
modern history.

Till Schreiter, CEO of ABP and Chairman of the Thermal Process Technology department at VDMA Metallurgy states in his interview that the change of direction has not only just become noticeable today.
In fact, we are challenged with a whole range of changes that occur simultaneously.

This pressure for action confronts companies with more and more new challenges. Those who
anticipate developments at an early stage and are prepared for a range of different scenarios have a clear advantage. This includes buzzwords such as digitalization and hydrogen/decarbonization - our main topics in this issue.

We wish you an inspiring read!

 Your Heat Processing Editorial team

heat processing 1/2021

heat processing in numbers




In heat processing 01_02/2022, we focus on the topics hydrogen and digitalization. We round the issue off with a special on the wire & Tube trade fair.

"Sustainibility will change the industry"

Interview with Jean-François Cloutier, CEO of Nitrex

Points of view

Shift of perspectives: On the Ukraine crisis 

SPECIAL wire & Tube 2022

June 20-24 2022, Messe Düsseldorf

"When we started with digital instruments back in the mid-80s, operators were telling us that using more than eight colors is kind of ridiculous. Compare this with the reality today, where everyone has an iPhone with an 8 or 16 GB camera."

Jean-François Cloutier, CEO Nitrex

"We will utilize digitalization strategies to provide a customer experience above our competition. We believe that there are three different hydrogen processes out there., each with advantages and disadvantages. If they are managed properly, they can create an efficient process. We have an algorithmic model and a digital lab."

Mark Bula, Chief Commercial Office H2 Green Steel

"An essential lever for energy savings is reduction of returns and quality rejects. Here, digitalization will play an important role. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), operations along the entire process chain can now be optimized using self-learning systems"

Till Schreiter, CEO of ABP Induction Systems GmbH

"I think it will be difficult for Germay to take the lead when it comes to hydrogen. We will have to hurry up and put our foot down!"

Karl Dungs, CEO of Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG 


What's new in the industry?


Smart nitrogen-methanol injection lance for carburizing and hardening atmospheres, a case study

report by Maximus Akuh et al.

Mesh Belt Atmosphere Heat Treatment Systems: Meeting Demands for Performance, Quality and Innovation

report by Tim Donofrio

Laser measurement technology in the field of open-die forging

report by Stefan Kirchhoff

Approach to improve the efficiency of flux concentrator materials

Report by Christian Krause et al. 

Level 2 optimization: new approaches in heat treatment

report by Jörg Hollerbach

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