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UNITECR 2023: Over 300 submissions for technical conference papers
UNITECR 2023: Over 300 submissions for technical conference papers

UNITECR 2023: Over 300 submissions for technical conference papers

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Author: Barbara Pflamm

Date: 22. Dez. 2022

After the global address, over 320 submissions for presentations were made for the UNITECR conference program.

With the great support in our worldwide network of associations and with the assistance from our media partners, but also through the help of our friends from the refractory industry and their viral distribution and sharing in the social networks, we have received a great deal of encouragement. Thank you very much. We are very happy about this great number of submissions – but now the work of the Scientific Committee really begins,

explains Thomas Kaczmarek, planning manager of the world’s largest technical conference for refractory products and their applications.

Under the leadership of Prof. Christos Aneziris (UNITECR Vice President and Head of the Institute for Ceramic, Refractory and Composite Materials at the TU Bergakademie in Freiberg, Germany) the team with nine specialists now begins to classify the submitted works in the context of the high standards of the conference. ECREF Managing Director Dr. Christian Dannert coordinates the work and explains

“that we have received submissions from universities, from research and development or from refractory companies from all over the world. We are particularly happy about topics from the customer side, i.e., from applications in the steel, cement and glass industries.”

This large number of submissions must now be acknowledged and evaluated with great concentration in the coming weeks. They want to meet the high-quality standards of the UNITECR. The organizer will inform potential speakers by the end of February 2023 as to whether they will be included in the UNITECR scientific program.

The spectrum is large: from the use of the raw materials and the manufacturing processes to the areas of application in the steel or cement industry. Solutions for digitization, training and further education is presented as well as the latest method of testing and standardization.

The ticket sales for UNITECR 2023 in Frankfurt will start in January 2023. Booths for the accompanying exhibition are already being booked.

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