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iMT Taiwan takes place in Kaohsiung from 19. to 21. October 2022

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Author: Magnus Schwarz

iMT Taiwan takes place in Kaohsiung from 19. to 21. October 2022

As nickel and Stainless-steel prices hike to the highest level in ten years, applying new energy saving and metal materials has been a very popular trend for the metal industry. Many companies have had to face difficulties due to up-and-coming green regulations, but when challenges come more value is placed in exhibitions such as International Metal Technology Taiwan.

This year iMT Taiwan will be held together with THS (Taiwan Hardware Show) from October 19 to 21 at the home of Taiwan’s metal industry Kaohsiung. The beautiful Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall will host 500 companies and 30,000 Trade visitors. In the meantime, the rapid development in the fields of E- vehicles, Wind Energy and smart manufacturing, will be highlight at iMT Taiwan. International Metal Technology Taiwan attracts well-known domestic and overseas manufacturers to join this show. In order to find the supply chain in the post-epidemic era, many professional buyers have actively registered online and are eager to visit iMT Taiwan 2022.


The best metal industry show in Asia

According to the organizer, KAIGO Company, the application of metal materials and precision processing can be seen everywhere in modern smart technologies, such as cell phones, home appliances, aerospace, medical components, automobiles… etc. In addition, the growing upstream, midstream and downstream manufacturing makes iMT Taiwan the best International Show in Asia related to the metal industry.

With the support of the following associations; The Metal Industries Research & Development Centre, Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), Taiwan Electrical & Electronic Manufacturer’s Association (TEEMA), Taiwan Light Metals Association, Taiwan Casting Industry Association, Taiwan Mold & Die Industry Association, Taiwan Metal Industry Association Changhua County Industrial Associations, Taichung City Industrial Association and the Chinese Fluid Power Association, iMT Taiwan has a great foundation to display the best metal industry related exhibition in Taiwan. Furthermore, the following companies have already applied: Horen Industrial Co., Ltd., Starpoly Corporation, Yuh Chern Manufacture Co., Ltd. Apex Precision Technology Corp. Kingdom Flow Control Co., Ltd., King Shang Machinery Co., Ltd. Inductotherm Group Taiwan Ltd. Farsight Precision Co., Ltd. Taiwan Linkigi Metal Co., Ltd. & Roland Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd.…etc.


Taiwan’s manufacturing industry is on an all-time high

As for the metal industry in Taiwan, according to the latest information released by the Department of Statistics from the Ministry of Economic Affairs on February 18, 2022, thanks to the steady growth of the global economy, the increasing demand of raw materials, as well as the wide application of new technologies and digital transformation, the unbalance of the supply chain is gradually alleviated. The output value of Taiwan’s manufacturing industry in the 4th quarter of 2021 reached NT$4 trillion 315.6 billion which is the highest record for one single quarter. It continues to grow for five consecutive quarters, up 25.03% of annual growth rate from last year. Among them, the growth of production value of basic metals industry is astonishingly up by 54.05%. In Petroleum and coal production industry is the output value even higher up to 63.27%.

Metal processing, screws, nuts, and metal hand tools are the main factors leading the growth in Taiwan’s metal industry. Metal processing manufacturers account for 24.7% of whole production industry which contains total 90,424 factories in Taiwan. In addition, the complete metal industrial chain makes Taiwanese screws, nuts and hand tools highly competitive in the world which makes metal industry the most important export-oriented industry in Taiwan.

KAIGO Company emphasizes that at iMT Taiwan, exhibitors will showcase their products made by digital transformation, innovative technology, smart manufacturing for a higher value-added Industry. It covers casting, forging, welding, metallurgy, heat treatment, metal materials, wire, cable, valves, molds… etc. During iMT Taiwan, international buyers will see the wisdom and efforts of Taiwanese metal manufacturers, who are actively breaking the traditional pattern, using modern digital technology, high-end production, and new generation of technology.


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