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e-Seminar 4.1 Heat Treatment & Metallurgy

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e-Seminar 4.1 Heat Treatment & Metallurgy

03.09.2021. The largest online meeting – “e-Seminar 4.1” – for the experts in the metal heat treatment industry will be held for the second time on 30 September 2021, 3:00 to 6:00 P.M. CET. This event, organised by Seco/Warwick, offers 9 h of meetings and presentations divided into three tracks. Moreover, it enables to learn from industry leaders. These include Dan Herring, “The Heat Treat Doctor®” – known as the most influential person in the metal heat treatment industry.

Technology, power of innovations, and business

This year’s seminar will be a platform for sharing knowledge and experience between the most recognised experts and specialists. The event is built around three independent tracks: technology, power of innovations, and business. They will run in parallel, and each track will last for three hours.

“The participants will be able to freely switch between tracks and presentations in order to participate in the talks that are most important to them. After the end of the seminar, each participant will get access to all talks in all tracks. So they can watch the presented issues or listen to the speeches they were unable to attend earlier. Our hosts, partners, speakers and guests guarantee a very professional level during the entire event,” said Katarzyna Sawka, VP Marketing Seco/Warwick Group.

Three three-hour tracks

The first track – heat treatment secrets – is comprised of four talks. The first one covers industrial case studies and the real problems of industrial plants. Two subjects focus on discovering the secrets of nitriding and carburising, including LPC. These technologies will no longer have any secrets, in particular after the “Pros and cons” debate. The last speech will present a completely new look at the heat treatment industry from the women’s perspective. Do women in this business bring a new approach to this, seemingly, men’s world?

The power of innovation beats in track two. The participants will learn how global automotive trends affect the heat treatment industry and whether there is anything to be afraid of. The second talk in this track will answer the question how to combine algorithms with heat treatment. It will break the spell cast on simulators as the tools for designing heat treatment processes and furnace control. The innovation track must include 3D printing. Next, the experts will explain the role of heat treatment in Binder Jetting and MIM technologies.

The third, business-related track will host Dan Herring, known as “The Heat Treat Doctor.®” This renowned expert will share his reflections on the future of the industry and on the impact from the Covid-19 pandemic, environmental changes and the development of modern technologies, such as 3D printing. This track will also feature an interview with Joe Arvin – the legend of the aviation industry. Finally, the last speech in this track will be related to the process of planning a construction or expansion of in-house hardening plants. What is worth purchasing, what solutions to choose, what should be paid attention to, how to select appropriately balanced equipment?

Digital format

“The pandemic and the travel restrictions have forced us to change the format of many events. Last year, our e-Seminar was a novelty and forerunner for such meetings. Today, online events have become a standard which has shown us that you can participate in an event from anywhere in the world. There are many advantages. You do not waste any time or money on travel, and you get to easily meet experts, scientists and specialists. You get more for less,” added Katarzyna Sawka.

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